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We have been long time readers and followers of Barron’s columnist Steven M. Sears. Steve is the President and COO of Options Solutions and writes “The Striking Price” column each Saturday in Barron’s focusing on conservative options strategies like those recommended in our books. Steve’s column is the first thing we read every Saturday morning. This past Saturday (10/14/23), Steve’s column is titled “In This Market, the Best Strategy Is to Do Nothing”. Steve argues that options premiums are inadequate to compensate for “America’s domestic dysfunction” which is depriving “the world of leadership when a strong, respected nation is most needed at the helm.” Steve wonders if China will take advantage of the turmoil to move on Taiwan creating even more havoc.

We will continue our put trading pause but keep on DRIPping all our wonderful Dividend Champion businesses.

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Oct 16, 2023

Yes, I had been noticing that the returns on some of these trades just weren't worth the risk. Better to wait for better returns.

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