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2/10/2022 Click on table for full view

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Our followers know we keep score of our performance by income.  Limiting ourselves to Dividend Champions (DC) and Tech DC Wannabes (firms that will certainly be DCs given enough time), our income cons


Just a quick update as we head into June.  We are still very cautious about the balance of the year and continuing to pause in our out of the money (OM) put selling.  May 17 expirations came and went


To our MYFR fans: We have put a pause on our out-of-the-money (OM) put option sales.  That’s for a couple of reasons: 1.       Our cash on hand is limited.  We had expected an infusion of supplemental

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20 mar 2022

Hi - how do you chose the lenght and strike price? I have read the book, but wonder if there is more to it than just 3 mo

Me gusta
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