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We met in Texas recently. As our readers know, we put on a trading pause mostly because of limited cash and the uncertainty arising from the pre election geopolitical environment.  That did not improve with the Presidential debate. In recent months, we have had no executions on our puts. None of our real estate now on the market has sold so there is uncertainty when we will  have new capital available. With those factors we decided to keep the pause on with one exception. That is, we will resume put selling on those Tech Wannabe Dividend Champions on a day when any one drops at least 3%. Before the pause we were using 2%. Currently, we think those great dividend growth tech companies are underrepresented in our holdings so we will give them a preference for now and so long as our remaining cash holds out. We still want to avoid margin debt given the cost and the uncertainties.

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As our readers know, we focus on acquiring those great American businesses that are Dividend Champions. DCs are the currently 145 businesses that have paid increasing dividends for at least 25 years. 


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