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Erin and Matt plan to resume selling put options but based on more restrictive terms. We do this for the following reasons:

  1. We believe markets are now subject to a relatively high external series of risks like the war in Ukraine and the possibility of escalation,

  2. Increasing interest rates,

  3. Supply chain challenges,

  4. Increasing inflation rates, and

  5. A low and declining level of confidence in national leadership.

In the last year we have sold a number of real estate assets. Consequently, we generated significant cash reserves. Those reserves have been deployed to buy Dividend Champions (DC) as well as renovate remaining real estate holdings and pay taxes.

With options expirations on April 14 we will resume selling puts but somewhat more conservatively as follows:

  1. We will only sell puts on days where the DOW has decreased 800 points in two days,

  2. We will sell puts at least 15% below the current market,

  3. We will only sell one contract per DC, and

  4. We will only sell puts up to 10% of the value of our total holdings.

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