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Expiration Friday Roundup

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Expiration Friday is the third Friday of each month. For June, that's today. On Expiration Friday, you get to see what stock if any you actually ended up with from all the puts you sold where you made this day the expiration date. Today, all but two (ABM and CAT) of the 53 puts that we sold that were due to expire today expired. We walk off with 100 shares each of ABM and CAT, not to mention the $7,680 in premiums we already made selling all these puts.

ABM, at the close today, was $44.78 which means our put was priced at a strike price of $45 so we were required to buy the 100 shares of ABM at $45/share for a total of $4500. But remember, on 4/21/21 we sold the $45 put and had received $79.44 on 4/21/21, so our basis was $44.21 ($45 - $.79). On a day when it closed at $44.78. That's a good deal!

We bought CAT at $210/share for a total of $21,000.We originally sold the CAT put on 4.9.21 for $444.34 or about $4.44/share. That means our net cost was $210-$4.44 or $215.56/share on a day when it closed just below the $210 strike price. Another good deal!

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